our story

Simon Carver and Stuart McKenzie are creatives who love to travel, share their passion for great food-wine and create beautiful spaces. They started Harts Lane accommodation in 2002. Since it’s early inception, the original business model and philosophy hasn’t wavered. Generous hospitality with a focus on creativity, a curated interior and a strong sense of design create a unique and relaxing holiday experience. Collected objects and art from Simon and Stuart’s travels add to Harts Lane Haus, Stag & Millie’s and Beaux Haus unique atmosphere . With 20 years’ experience in Holiday accommodation and 24 years’ experience in hospitality and designing unique spaces; countless guests, family and friends all call Harts lane accommodation home.

stuart mckenzie and simon carver photo

stuart mckenzie

Café owner and co-owner of Harts lane accommodation

While not working on his Collingwood cafes, South of Johnston and Sojo To Go, Stuart is building furniture and sourcing vintage bits and pieces for the houses.

simon carver

Art educator, Interior Designer and co-owner of Hart lane accommodation
Simon is the guy who found Hartslane haus 24 years ago. He can design interiors and is pretty handy in the garden.
stuart mckenzie, simon carver and fergus photo
harts lane haus photo